Preparing for your newborn session

Newborn girl in jeans, flower sweater

I have all props, wraps, and outfits needed for individual newborn poses, unless there is a special outfit or accessory that you want, in which case definitely bring it along! Typically some newborn photos are done with baby naked; if you want some of those poses, please pack an extra set of clothing for yourself just in case of 'accidents'.

I will have a space heater running in the room to be sure that baby is nice and warm & cozy, so it will get really warm in there as it will help them stay sleepy! Keep that in mind as you choose clothing for yourselves.

I do not have an assistant present for these sessions, so I may ask for help with some poses in order to make sure baby is as safe as possible in every pose. This would be just having one hand on baby as I get into the best position to take the photo. 

We will pause to allow feeding/changing as needed during the session. If baby fusses as clothing or props are changed, please allow me to try to soothe and calm them first during those transitions as snuggles with mom might encourage them to be hungry sooner and harder to settle.

newborn baby girl with bow

Session Colors/Themes

Please let me know if you have any color or theme preferences for the session (do you lean towards neutrals or bright colors, if there is any nursery theme you want to pull in to the session and that type of thing). If you do not have a preference, don't worry! I'm happy to style the session completely, I just want to honor any preferences you might have.


The session will take place at my home studio (3384 Thistlebrook Circle, Highlands Ranch, 80126). If you need to get ahold of me the day of your session, my cell phone is 949-433-6705.

To allow for prop/outfit changes and for baby to settle comfortably into the poses, these sessions typically run 2-3 hours. I will plan to do parent/family photos at the beginning of the session, that way you can relax for the rest of the session.

Try to keep baby awake for at least an hour before the session. Our goal is a sleepy little one for posing and keeping them awake is key to this. However, if they fall asleep on the way, please don't stress! Plan to feed baby when you arrive here as this will help them settle in to sleep during the family poses. If you are breastfeeding, it is helpful to avoid citric or gassy foods for 48 hours before the session. See details on this below.

baby with flowers in basket

What to Bring

Be sure to bring diapers and extra wipes, although I will have wipes as well. If baby is using a pacifier at all, please bring that. Even if you don't plan to use a pacifier, they are really helpful in these sessions as baby settles! If you are bottle feeding, bring one along as it can help settle them in after a clothing change as well. 

Parent Clothing

Solid colors are best for newborn sessions as the photos tend to be simple, showing the connection and love with baby. A simple fitted t-shirt for dad works well and a simple top for mom, even a tank top or t-shirt keeps focus on baby. Either light or dark colors work well! Textures like lace for mom are also beautiful. Lastly, I do have maternity gowns available that work beautifully for newborn sessions as well. Let me know if you might want to go that direction and we can coordinate choosing one for you to use!

newborn with siblings

Breastfeeding Foods to Avoid Before Your Session

The following are some foods that tend to give babies gassy or upset stomachs, so I recommend avoiding these 48 hours before your session. Of course, follow your doctor’s guidelines for introducing foods to your new baby!


·        Cranberries

·        Pineapple

·        Grapefruit

·        Oranges

·        Lemons

·        Strawberries

·        Tomatoes

·        Peanuts

·        Pizza

·        Spaghetti


·        Chili

·        Spicy foods

·        Ketchup

·        Asparagus

·        Onions

·        Pickles

·        Broccoli

·        Cauliflower

·        Brussel Sprouts

·        Cabbage